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Finalizing If I Could

September 25, 2011

And we finally completed our shoot for ‘If I Could’ last week. This week is a week of going through draft video edits and corrections.

Estimating video to be out in a few days. Stay with us!

Here’s what we did last week;

Using the simplest method possible, we filmed the second part for the music video with the help of Kay Sen. We visited Daniel’s house and made a little short scenes in his room where he gets up from his sleep, goes into the bathroom to wash up before going to the bus stand.

We even made Daniel sing while sitting on the throne ;). If you know what we mean.

However, we were running out of time shooting. Well, respecting every team member’s time in the production of this music video. It was meant to be simple though with the concept of being simple using whatever gears we have in hand.

Some funny scenes catching the bus, riding the bus and also getting of it. We didn’t have enough cameras on the 2nd shoot itself. Daniel had to board two buses for the shoot.

All smiles drinking soya bean which costed only 50cents per cup. (You’ll get this only in Malaysia!)

If I Could is now available in iTunes & Amazon (

Buy & support the music to support the charity! A few cents  from you could do a big impact changing people lives and the world.


Video Shoot

September 12, 2011

Some of the insiders may know; we had a hard time getting people to film the Music video for If I Could. With the song completely recorded and published  we were rushing for the MV to be up. 

It wasn’t fun at all, chasing and making follow ups on movie-making companies or hobbyist cinematographers to work together to come out with a video. It was really tough in fact! Getting people on the same wavelength. (We did not foresee these problems.) And because it was the raining season, it was horrible! Some shooting sessions got cancelled and delayed like forever because of the rain.

But as of today I’m happy & proud to announce that we are working with a great committed team & have shot up to 70% of the music video for If I Could by Daniel.  And we’re expecting the MV to be up within 2 weeks from today. =)

Here are some pictures of the shooting session we had earlier in the afternoon. Working with a group who calls themselves Five-O they shown great professionalism being very proper & artistic in every scene they shot.

Meet them dedicated people. Kay Sen was basically head in directing the shoots and cinematography throughout the day session.

We probably can’t achieve much without this man in the team. Not a single doubt for the dedication he puts in into the shoots.

With other guys shooting as well, few angles for each scene! However we still kept things simple and short. Simple is always more! Believe us.

At some scenes when we lacked certain minor character roles, we ourselves took part being inside the scene as well. Pretty interesting & we were having fun while working.

Shooting in a public location and arousing the curiosity of many passers-by to stop and watch cluelessly. Spotted cars and vehicles slowing down on purpose to see what’s going on. Oh well, clearly not many shoots have been done in this area then!

And not forgetting our very spotting actors in the shoot. The many retakes and redos must have been tiring but we thank your every efforts.

Special things happen when special people with dedicated hearts come together. Stay with us for updates as we continue to finish the music video. In the meantime, continue sharing the good word around. Yes. Like us on Facebook too and make a change for this place.

Signing out,

The Vivid Project – by very enthusiastic crazy people trying to change the world

The First Session

August 3, 2011

We just had our first session with one of our artists, Daniel Chan, a talented 27 year old who sings, plays the guitar and works in a church (the right kind of person to be involved in this project!).

Daniel Chan impressing the studio with his talent

He shared with us a couple of his own written songs and we could see that he’s got that Jason Mraz and Damien Rice vibe about him. And after about half an hour of demonstrations and discussions, we were glad to be able to decide on  the song for the project (stay tuned for that!).

We want to thank Daniel for his willingness to be a part of our project and to give us the green light to use his song for the project!

Let’s Make Some Music!

July 29, 2011

After some countless arrangements, unforeseen circumstances and unwanted delays, we can finally start working on our project song. Recording will start on Monday, and once the song is done, we can move on the next crucial step, which is the music video.

In case you folks are still wondering what the project is all about, click here.

We sense some great things happening, and everybody anywhere can get involved in this project.

Just stay tuned!


July 27, 2011

We also found out that House of Hope practices recycling. They collect stuff such as tins, card boards and tires as well!


And We’re Underway!

July 20, 2011

We’re currently looking for talented people to work with (musicians and designers)!

p/s: Facebook page is out! Just click on the official logo to go there!

Hopes And Dreams

July 15, 2011

House of Hope founder, Ms. Cheng See (right) and Tennee, our PR representative

So we had a long chat with House of Hope’s founder, Ms. Cheng See and we could tell she is totally passionate about helping people from the beginning. It is from that passion alone that enabled her to start off from nothing to what House of Hope is today.
It wouldn’t matter where the kids are from, they are all welcome to be a part of House of Hope under Cheng See. The place also bring in senior citizens who are in need. And one of the most amazing things about the place is that everything they have in the place are entirely attained through sponsors. Residents also enjoy free facilities in House of Hope, here’s among them:

  • Tuition classes
  • Medical check-ups
  • Social welfare for the old folks

Tuition class

Just like any of us, these children have their hopes and dreams for their future. One of them said he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. “One of them told me….you know what she said? She said wants to do exactly what I’m doing now. Helping kids.” That immediately touched me, to think that there is a glimmer of hope that there is still good in the society I live in, even from the young generation.

Come on, have heart and let’s help this kids realize their dreams, give them as much support as possible to ensure they grow up as great individuals who would one day contribute to society as really good people.