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Finalizing If I Could

September 25, 2011

And we finally completed our shoot for ‘If I Could’ last week. This week is a week of going through draft video edits and corrections.

Estimating video to be out in a few days. Stay with us!

Here’s what we did last week;

Using the simplest method possible, we filmed the second part for the music video with the help of Kay Sen. We visited Daniel’s house and made a little short scenes in his room where he gets up from his sleep, goes into the bathroom to wash up before going to the bus stand.

We even made Daniel sing while sitting on the throne ;). If you know what we mean.

However, we were running out of time shooting. Well, respecting every team member’s time in the production of this music video. It was meant to be simple though with the concept of being simple using whatever gears we have in hand.

Some funny scenes catching the bus, riding the bus and also getting of it. We didn’t have enough cameras on the 2nd shoot itself. Daniel had to board two buses for the shoot.

All smiles drinking soya bean which costed only 50cents per cup. (You’ll get this only in Malaysia!)

If I Could is now available in iTunes & Amazon (

Buy & support the music to support the charity! A few cents  from you could do a big impact changing people lives and the world.

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