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Our Team

Our team comprising of very happy people into the music & film industry while aiding people in need!

This is Reuben, music producer by day, snack king by night. 

The chairman of The Vivid Project who is not only serious in what he does, but passionate as well.
With the help of his favorite coffee everyday, he strives to achieve more each day. 


Every superhero needs a sidekick.

This is Jeremy. He’s the sidekick of Reuben, sound engineer and in charge of recording originals right here in the studio.



This is Tennee. The public relation manager of this project. Facebook seems to be her best friend. Eats very little but claims she just gets full easily.



This is Nick, the publicity assistant. A coffee junkie as well, and is probably the quietest person in the team. Nicknamed “The Chemist” but for no scientific reason.

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